Association of Research Libraries

University of Washington Libraries

Library Assessment Conference

Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

Seattle, Washington
August 4–6, 2014

2014 Conference Schedule

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OUGL = Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Learning Commons

HUB = Husky Union Building


2014 Program Schedule



August 3



Workshop (OUGL 220)

Collection Assessment Strategies in Context: Using Data to Inform the Shift from Print to Electronic Collections

Leaders: Anne Osterman and Michael Matos



Workshop (OUGL 136)

Library Value: Conceptualizing, Capturing, & Communicating Impact

Leader: Megan Oakleaf







Workshop (OUGL 141)

Cube: Unlocking the Value from Your Library’s Data

Leader: Margie Jantti


Registration (OUGL First Floor)





August 4



Registration (HUB Ballroom, Near N. Ballroom Doors)



Breakfast (Near S. Ballroom Doors)



Welcome & Opening (HUB Ballroom)

Steve Hiller, Martha Kyrillidou, and Betsy Wilson



Keynote I (HUB Ballroom)

Margie Jantti: Aspiring to Excellence: Maximising Data to Sustain, Shift and Reshape a Library for the Future



Keynote II (HUB Ballroom)

Debra Gilchrist






Session 1 (Paper 1) (HUB Ballroom)

Collections 1


Using Bibliometrics to Demonstrate the Value of Library Journal Collections

Christopher Belter, National Institutes of Health Library
Neal Kaske, NOAA


Measuring Impact: Tools for Analysing and Benchmarking Usage

Jo Lambert and Ross MacIntyre, Mimas

Angela Conyers, Evidence Base


Time for “Alt Metrics” to Drop the “Alt”: Developing a Standards Foundation for Alternative Assessment of Scholarship

Todd Carpenter and Nettie Lagace, NISO


Session 2 (Paper 2) (HUB 250)

Methods 1


Who’s Asking What? Modelling a Large Reference Interaction Dataset

Andrew Asher, Indiana University Bloomington


A Mixed-Methods Approach to Questionnaire Development: Understanding Students’ Interpretations of Library Survey Questions

Heather Gendron, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Alisa Rod, Ithaka S+R


Using Photovoice to Explore Native American Students’ Perceptions of the Physical Library

Karen Neurohr and Dr. Lucy Bailey, Oklahoma State University


Session 3 (Panel 1) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)


Commonalities in LibQUAL+ (Dis)satisfaction: An International Trend? (Lightning Talk)

Selena Killick, Cranfield University

Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries


A Longitudinal Analysis of 2003–2013 LibQUAL+ Survey Results

Beverly Lynch, Susan E. Parker, Linda Kobashigawa, Sara Pacheco, Jeremy Whitt, and Leslie McMichael, UCLA

Michael Qiu, University of Southern California



A 15-year Retrospective on LibQUAL+ (Panel)

Fred Heath, University of Texas

Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries

Colleen Cook, McGill University

J. Stephen Town, University of York, UK

Steve Hiller, University of Washington

Bruce Thompson, Texas A&M


Session 4 (Lightning 1) (HUB 145)

Organizational Capacity


Core Competencies for Librarians with Assessment Responsibilities (Lightning Talk)

Sue Erickson, Virginia Wesleyan College

Sarah Passonneau, Iowa State University


Library Assessment and Quality Assurance—Creating a Staff-Centered Evidence-Based Development Process (Lightning Talk)

Håkan Carlsson, Gothenburg University, Sweden


Support System: Establishing, Sustaining, and Growing a Framework for Assessment (Lightning Talk)

Greg MacAyeal and Marianne Ryan, Northwestern University


Collaborating with Faculty to Assess Undergraduate Information Literacy in Degree Programs (Lightning Talk)

David Nolfi, Maureen Diana Sasso, and Lori E. Koelsch, Duquesne University


The Role of Student Advisory Boards in Assessment (Lightning Talk)

Meg Scharf, University of Central Florida

Bob Fox, University of Louisville

Ameet Doshi, Georgia Institute of Technology


Impacts of Different Types of Administrative Experiences on Performance Measurement Resource Support in Libraries (Lightning Talk)

Larry Nash White, University of Buffalo


Creating a Culture of Evidence and Assessment: Building a Daily Practice that Matters

Wendy Holliday and Theresa Carlson, Northern Arizona University



Box Lunch

Vendor Presentations:

Atlas Systems (HUB 334)

ProQuest (HUB 214)



Session 5 (Paper 3) (HUB Ballroom)

Assessment Capacity 1


Fitting a Round Peg into a Square Hole: Dickeson’s Academic Program Prioritization and Libraries

Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, Boise State University


Community College Libraries and Culture of Assessment: A Survey of Library Leaders

Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois

Meredith Farkas, Portland State University

Measuring the Research Readiness of Academic and Research Librarians: A Project Report of the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL) (Lightning Talk)

Kristine Brancolini and Marie R. Kennedy, Loyola Marymount University


Session 6 (Paper 4) (HUB 250)

Special Collections


Getting to Know You (and Me!): Assessment and the Archival Metrics Toolkit at Columbia University’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Nisa Bakkalbasi and Jocelyn Wilk, Columbia University


New Archive and Special Collections Statistics, Measures and Standards (Update)

Christian Dupont, Atlas Systems

Steve Hiller, University of Washington


Assessing the Impact of Special Collections Instruction at the University of Chicago

Julia Gardner and Leah Richardson, University of Chicago


Session 7 (Panel 2) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)

Usage Metrics/Visualization


Downloads and Beyond—New Perspectives on Usage Metrics (Panel)

Peter Shepherd, COUNTER

Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Marie Kennedy, Loyola Marymount University


Tableau Unleashed: Visualizing Library Data (Panel)

Sarah Murphy, The Ohio State University

Jeremy Buhler, University of British Columbia

Rachel Lewellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Session 8 (Lightning 2) (HUB 145)



Flipping, Collaborating, Assessing: Adopting New Modes of Library Instruction (Lightning Talk)

Katie Bishop, University of Nebraska Omaha


Puzzle Pieces: Assessing Student Work Using Rubrics and Citation Analysis for Dual-Purpose Assessment (Lightning Talk)

Alan Carbery, Champlain College


Turn a Disaster into a Research Opportunity: Assessing One-Hour Library Sessions after Hurricane Sandy (Lightning Talk)

Hong Cheng, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY


The Role of a Required Information literacy Competency Exam in the First College Year: What Test Data Can, Cannot, and Might Reveal (Lightning Talk)

Kathy Clarke, Gretchen Hazard, and Dr. Jeanne Horst, James Madison University


Libraries and Student Success: A Campus Collaboration with High Impact Educational Practices (Lightning Talk)

Kathryn Crowe, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Using Rubrics for Programmatic Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Course-Integrated Library Instruction (Lightning Talk)

Laura Gariepy and Jennifer Stout, Virginia Commonwealth University


Charting Your Course: Using Curriculum Mapping to Enhance Information Literacy (Lightning Talk)

Susan Gardner Archambault, Loyola Marymount University


Assessing Information Literacy in General Education: A Collaborative Approach Using a Metarubric (Lightning Talk)

Anne Pemberton and Linda Siefert, University of North Carolina Wilmington



Posters and Poster Reception (HUB Ballroom)




August 5



Breakfast (Near S. Ballroom Doors)

Breakfast Vendor Presentation: Sustainable Collection Services (HUB 214)


Announcements (HUB Ballroom)






Keynote 3 (HUB Ballroom)

David Kay: Discovering the Pattern, Discerning the Potential: The Role of the Library in Unraveling the Cat's Cradle of Activity Data



Session 9 (Paper 5) (HUB Ballroom)



Defining the Libraries’ Role in Research: A Needs Assessment Case Study

Kathryn Crowe and Michael Crumpton, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


What Do Students Learn from Participation in an Undergraduate Research Journal? Results of an Assessment

Sharon Weiner, Purdue University


Assessment in Action: High Impact Practices in Academic Libraries

Kara Malenfant, Association of College and Research Libraries

Karen Brown, Dominican University


Time Lords of Instruction: Knowing When to Teach Specific IL Skills in a Major Program from Student & Instructor Feedback (Lightning Talk)

Ashley Ireland and Adam Murray, Murray State University


Assessing Argument, Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Learning Outcomes (Lightning Talk)

Sharon Radcliff, California State University East Bay

Elise (Yi-Ling) Wong, Saint Mary’s College of California


Assessment in Action: A Journey through Campus Collaboration, a Learning Community and Research Design (Lightning Talk)

Mary O’Kelly, Grand Valley State University

Amy Stewart-Mailhiot, Pacific Lutheran University

Danielle Theiss, Rockhurst University

Leo Lo, University of Alabama


Session 10 (Paper 6) (HUB 250)

Collections 2


Defining Consortial Value: The CRKN External Review as a Test Case

Jocelyn Godolphin, Jocelyn Godolphin and Associates


Value of the Online Newspaper Collection at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library

Kirk Hess and Sarah Hoover, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Laying the Groundwork for a New Library Service: Scholar-Practitioner & Graduate Student Attitudes Toward Altmetrics and the Curation of Online Profiles

Kathleen Reed and Dana McFarland, Vancouver Island University

Rosie Croft, Royal Roads University


Altmetrics 101 (Lightning Talk)

Mike Buschman, Plum Analytics


Usage Statistics of Electronic Resources: A Comparison of Vendor Supplied Usage Data (Lightning Talk)

Kanu Nagra, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY


Running the Numbers: Evaluating an E-Book Short-Term Loan Program for Cost-Effectiveness (Lightning Talk)

Brendan O’Connell and John Vickery, North Carolina State University


Session 11 (Panel 3) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)



Don’t Just Collect the Data! Closing the Loop with User Surveys (Panel)

Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois

Elizabeth Edwards, University of Chicago

Heather Gendron, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Eric Ackerman, Radford University


Beyond the Survey: Follow Up (Lightning Talk)

Emily Daly, Duke University


The Ithaka S+R Local Surveys of Students and Faculty Across Different Institutional Contexts (Panel)

Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S+R

Andrew Asher, Indiana University

Heather Gendron, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


There is a Method to this Madness! Survey Methodology for Increased Response Rates (Lightning Talk)

Alisa Rod, Ithaka S+R

Debbie McMahon, Baylor University


Session 12 (Lightning 3) (Hub 145)



Halt! Who Goes There? Assessing Library Use with Turnstile Data (Lightning Talk)

Susan Bailey and Megan Slemons, Emory University


Expressing Library Value in a Changing Budget Climate (Lightning Talk)

Chad Boeninger,  Deborah Daniels, Jeffrey Ferrier, Sara Harrington and Janet Hulm, Ohio University


Thunderstruck! An “En-Lightning” Look at Recharging Existing Library Data to Electrify University Administration (Lightning Talk)

Allison Brungard, David A. Nolfi, Marcia E. Rapchak, Bridget Euliano, Tracie J. Ballock, and Joseph Nelson, Duquesne University


Data Management—It’s for Libraries Too! (Lightning Talk)

Monena Hall, Andi Ogier, Tracy Gilmore, and Connie Stovall, Virginia Tech


What do University Rankings Tell Us About Perceptions of Library Value? (Lightning Talk)

Brian Jackson, Mount Royal University


Using Library and University Statistics to Create an Effective Funding Narrative (Lightning Talk)

Brian Keith, University of Florida


Driving Partnerships for Assessment and Engagement (Lightning Talk)

Katy Mathuews and Rebekah Kilzer, Shawnee State University


The Stat Solicitor: Proving Academic Value Through Statistics (Lightning Talk)

Sarah Northam, Scott Lancaster, Megan Beard, Gail Johnston, and John Atabaev, Texas A&M University – Commerce


Show This, Not That: How to Communicate Assessment Results (Lightning Talk)

Jen-chien Yu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Box Lunch

Vendor Presentations:

Project SAILS (HUB 214)

Thomson Reuters (HUB 334)



Session 13 (Paper 7) (HUB Ballroom)



Assessing Information Literacy and Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum

Sarah Dahlen and Pam Baker, California State University, Monterey Bay


Three Years of RAILS Research: The Take Aways for Information Literacy Teaching, Learning, & Assessment

Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University


Collaborative Qualitative Research: A Consortium Approach to Exploring the Complexity of Student Learning Outcome Practices Across Multiple Institutions

Donna Ziegenfuss, University of Utah

Steve Borrelli, Washington State University


Exploring the Relationship Between Undergraduate Students' Use of Library Resources and Learning Outcomes

Nick Kelly, University of Southern Queensland

Carlos González, Maximiliano Montenegro, Rosa Alarcon, Magdalena Jara, Elvira Saurina,  and Felipe Cano, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Session 14 (Paper 8) (HUB 250)



Evaluating the Impact of Library Renovations: A Multiple Methods Approach

Elizabeth Habich and Karen Merguerian, Northeastern University


Learning in a Library: How Active Learning Classrooms and Informal Learning Spaces Contribute to Student Engagement, Effective Teaching and Coordinated Assessment

Amanda Hornby, Louise Richards, and Jill McKinstry, University of Washington


Assessment in Space Designed for Experimentation: The University of Washington Libraries Research Commons

Lauren Ray and Katharine Macy, University of Washington


Session 15 (Panel 4) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)

The LibValue Project


LibValue Project (Panel)


Carol Tenopir, convener


Scholarly Reading by Undergraduate and Graduate Students: A Lib-Value Project (Lightning Talk)

Carol Tenopir and Lisa Christian, University of Tennessee

Donald W. King, Bryant University


E-Book Reading Patterns of Faculty: A Lib-Value Project (Lightning Talk)

Lisa Christian and Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee

Donald W. King, Bryant University


Three E-Book Outlooks: What Humanists, Social Scientists and Scientists Want and Predict (A LibValue Study) (Lightning Talk)

Tina Chrzastowski, Lynn Wiley, and Jean-Louise Zancanella, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


How Library Learning Spaces Contribute to Student Success: A LibValue Project (Lightning Talk)

Teresa Walker, Regina Mays, and Gayle Baker, University of Tennessee


Academic Libraries’ Support for Teaching: A LibValue Project (Lightning Talk)

Rachel Fleming-May and Regina Mays, University of Tennessee

Anne Pemberton, University of North Carolina Wilmington


The Value, Outcomes, and Return on Investment of Academic Libraries (LibValue) Bibliographic Database and Controlled Vocabulary: A Description and Demonstration (Lightning Talk)

Rachel Fleming-May, University of Tennessee

Miranda Orvis, LibValue Project Consultant


The LibValue Toolkit (Lightning Talk)

Martha Kyrillidou, Henry Gross, Shaneka Morris, Gary Roebuck, and Amy Yeager, Association of Research Libraries


Session 16 (Lightning 4) (HUB 145)



Demonstrating Library Value: Appropriate Methodologies and Practical Approaches at the University of Cape Town (Lightning Talk)

Karin De Jager, University of Cape Town


Developing an Outcomes-Based Evaluation Data Collection Tool: Lessons Learned (Lightning Talk)

Thea Evenstad, McMinnville Public Library


GradConnect (Lightning Talk)

Nancy Slight-Gibney and Wendy Ames, University of Oregon


Collaborating Across Campus to Articulate the Value of Research Consultations (Lightning Talk)

Devin Savage, Illinois Institute of Technology


Patron Usage of Information Commons at SMU (Lightning Talk)

Zoltan Szentkiralyi and Hollie Gardner, Southern Methodist University


Watch and Learn: Assessment of Online Video Tutorials (Lightning Talk)

Christine Tawatao, Robin Chin Roemer, Verletta Kern, and Nia Lam, University of Washington


“Absolutely Amazing!”: A Comparative Study of User Satisfaction with Summon (Lightning Talk)

Dana Thomas and Kevin Manuel, Ryerson University


Assessing Library Research Consultations: A Mixed-Method Approach (Lightning Talk)

John Watts, Stephanie Mahfood, and Julie Weissman, Webster University


Seeing the Big Picture: Collating User Feedback in an Effective, Sustainable and Practical Way (Lightning Talk)

Frankie Wilson, University of Oxford



Library Assessment Conference Career Achievement Awards

(Suzzallo Reading Room, Suzzallo-Allen Library 3rd Floor)



Conference Reception

(Sylvan Grove)





August 6



Breakfast (Near S. Ballroom Doors)

Breakfast Vendor Presentation:

Update on Assessment Activities in Canadian Academic Libraries (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) (HUB 214)



Announcements (HUB Ballroom)



Session 17 (Paper 9) (HUB Ballroom)

Assessment Capacity 2


Educating Assessors: Preparing Librarians with Micro and Macro Skills

Rachel Applegate, Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis


Affecting Change through ClimateQUAL®—Experiences of Phase 1 and 2 Participants

LeRoy LaFleur, University of Rochester


The Engaged Librarian: Crafting an Effective Assessment Plan to Determine the Impact of a Key Strategic Library Initiative

Sarah Murphy, The Ohio State University


Session 18 (Paper 10) (HUB 250)

Methods 2


Evaluation of the Applicability of E-S-QUAL for Assessing the Quality of Social Media Services in Academic Libraries

Hae Min Kim, Drexel University


A National Resource for Monitoring Library Service Efficacy

Carlos Manjarrez, Matthew Birnbaum, and Maria Raviele, Institute of Museum and Library Services


Iterative Chat Transcript Analysis

Laura Schmidli and Erin Carrillo, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Session 19 (Panel 5) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)

Organizational Capacity


Completing Assessment Projects When it is Only Part of my Job (Panel)

Allison Benedetti, UCLA

Kornelia Tancheva, Cornell University

Keith Weimer, University of Virginia


Exploring Assumptions in Library Assessment and their Implications on Practice (Panel)

Kathleen Reed, Vancouver Island University

Jeremy Buhler, University of British Columbia

Chelsea Garside, University of Victoria

Allison Sivak, University of Alberta


Session 20 (Lightning 5) (HUB 145)


Assessing the Impact of a New Library on Graduate Students' Use of Library Spaces (Lightning Talk)

Bertha Chang, North Carolina State University


Sustaining an Assessment Mentality to Navigate Library Space Planning (Lightning Talk)

Michael Crumpton and Kathy Crowe, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Integrated Service Spaces: New Ways of Assessing Collaboration (Lightning Talk)

Hector Escobar and Heidi Gauder, University of Dayton


Roving: Aimless or Purposeful? (Lightning Talk)

Monena Hall, Virginia Tech


Putting a UX Lens on Library Space Assessment

Maurini Strub and Melissa Laning, University of Louisville


Viral Reference in the Writing Center: Using Metrics to Reinvent Library Reference (Lightning Talk)

John Holmes and Kathleen Collins, University of Washington


Do Patrons Appreciate the Reference Interview? Virtual Reference, RUSA Guidelines, and Student Satisfaction (Lightning Talk)

Klara Maidenberg, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries

Dana Thomas, Ryerson University


Did They Find It? (Lightning Talk)

Karen Tang, Curtin University







Session 21 (Paper 11) (HUB Ballroom)



Can Academic Analytics Tell Us How Libraries Impact Faculty Scholarly Research Productivity?

Michael Rawls, Virginia Commonwealth University


Making a Value Measurement a Reality: Implementing the Value Scorecard

Stephen Town, University of York, UK


Library Impact Study

Holt Zaugg, Brigham Young University


Session 22 (Paper 12) (HUB 250)

Methods 3


What’s It Worth? Qualitative Assessment of E-Resources by a National Consortium

Eva Jurczyk, University of Toronto


Assessment of the Use of Electronic Resources at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: A MINES Study Using Tableau Software for Visualization and Analysis

Rachel Lewellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Terry Plum, Simmons College


Assessing Electronic Collections at Point of Use

Jane Nichols and Rick Stoddart, Oregon State University


Session 23 (Panel 6) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)



Time-Lapse Data: Longitudinal Assessment of Library Spaces (Panel)

Camille Andrews and Sarah E. Wright, Cornell University

Robert Fox, University of Louisville

Ameet Doshi, Georgia Institute of Technology


So What? The Results & Impact of a Decade of IMLS-Funded Information Literacy Assessments (Panel)

Carolyn Radcliff, Chapman University

Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University

Michele van Hoeck, Project Information Literacy


Session 24 (Panel 7) (HUB 214)

Benchmarking/Performance Indicators


What Role Can Peer Benchmarking Play in Planning for the Future of Research and Teaching Technologies? (Panel)

Jenn Stringer, University of California, Berkeley

Lynn Rohrs and Samantha Guss, New York University


Performance Indicators for Public Libraries—Developing a National Model (Panel)

Denise Davis, Sacramento Public Library

Joseph Matthews, JRM Consulting, Inc.

Mary Hirsch, Public Library Association



Box Lunch

Vendor Presentations:

Counting Opinions (HUB 214)



Session 25 (Panel 8) (HUB Ballroom)


Vision, Alignment, Impediments, Assessment: The Views of Library Leaders (Panel)

Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S+R


Reactor Panel


Session 26 (Panel 9) (HUB Lyceum—1st Floor)

Assessing Liaisons


Creating and Implementing a Liaison Assessment Program (Panel)

Gary White, University of Maryland

Daniel C. Mack University of Maryland Libraries


Session 27 (Panel 10) (HUB 145)

Public Libraries

Assessment for Public Libraries

Joseph Matthews, JRM Consulting

Denise Davis, Sacramento Public Library

Mary Hirsch, Public Library Association



Conference Close




August 7




















Workshop (OUGL 220)

Closing the Loop: Evaluating Your Key Scholarly Communication Programs and Services

Leader: Catherine Brown

Workshop (OUGL 136)

Practical Strategies for Building Assessment Capacity in Libraries

Leaders: Megan Oakleaf, Steve Hiller


Workshop (OUGL 141)

Getting the Message Out: Creating a Multi-Directional Approach to Communicating Assessment

Leaders: Vivian Lewis, Donna Tolson, Kathy Ball


Workshop (Suzzallo-Allen Library 5th Floor)

Improving Library Service Quality by Using LibQUAL+® Effectively and Strategically


Leaders: Raynna Bowlby, Lisa Hinchliffe, Martha Kyrillidou